Professional make-up training is offered in 1 or 2 years.


- 1st Year: Pro I training

If successful, it will be closed by obtaining a pro make-up artist certificate .


- 2nd Year: Pro II Training

The second year vocational training is aimed at pupils who have obtained the pro I certificate as mentioned above. If successful, this second year will lead to obtaining a professional make-up artist diploma I + II .



Our training courses benefit from the annual training check issued by the OFPC.

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Classes and timetable


The classes take place over 9 months (from the beginning of September to the end of June), Mondays and Tuesdays all day and Wednesday mornings. Depending on the enrollment, a second group of students will be created, lessons can then be given on Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays and Fridays all day.

Eight modules are on the program for each year of training. Each module is sanctioned by a theoretical and practical exam. A behavior / motivation score is also part of the student's assessment and contributes to the average of the general grade.


Selection of students


In order to provide quality training with motivated and successful students, the selection of students is done scrupulously. A first selection is made on maintenance. Applicants must bring their academic file, CV, any personal artistic creations (drawings, paintings, sculptures, photos, etc.). The selected candidates are then summoned for a brief assessment of their artistic and creative skills. The decision to accept or not the student in the school will be made at the end of these two stages. A medical certificate of aptitude to follow such training is necessary. A contract will be submitted to the candidate and will require acceptance of the school's internal regulations for registration to become official.




Each module can be taken independently.

After an interview and if accepted, the student will then integrate the training during the year depending on the program and will receive a certificate, or a certificate if they pass the exams.

The beauty module can however be taken all year round in private or semi-private lessons, spread over several weekends.


Specialization in Special Effects.

4 workshops offered in separate or continuous modules.


Pro-Make-up School also offers Workshops and training for a limited period:


Beauty workshops Beauty makeup lessons




School authorized to operate by the Department of Public Instruction, Culture and Sport, Department of Private Education (DIP - SEP)

EduQua certification
Beneficiary of the annual training check (CAF - OFPC) for each module, financial aid intended to encourage continuous training
Member ASEPIB - SVSK (Swiss association of beauticians)
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