Duration: 4 days, or over 2 weekends

- 950 CHF
Dates: to be determinated
(Products available)

Program :
- Presentation of products and equipment

- Revision of makeup bases

- Colorimetry / correction theory and study of facial morphologies

- Preparation for the test and the D-day

- Staging and building confidence with a future bride

- Western wedding makeup

- Oriental wedding makeup

- Asian Wedding Makeup

- Applying false eyelashes and raising eyelashes

Certificate at the end of your training


SPECIAL BEAUTY TRAINING IN 10 days or 5 intensive days:

Date to be determinated

Price: 1900 CHF

(Products available)


- Colorimetry theory / Morphology / Product presentation / Practice

- Know the essential basics of makeup and its different techniques

- Analyze a face and define its shapes to make the necessary corrections

- Study colors to play with hues

- Work on structures and volumes to highlight a face

- Learning of different makeup techniques on different skin types

- Day and evening make-up

- Dark skin, Asian skin and mature skin makeup

- Eyelash enhancement technique


Certificate at the end of your training


BEAUTY TRAINING in 3 movements

For beginners as well as makeup artists

- 2 and a half days

- 900 CHF

- Dates to be determinated

Theory / Demonstration / Practice

- Learning the basics of beauty makeup for day and evening

- Learning how to lift eyelashes

- Course on colorimetry as well as morphology

- Presentation of products and brushes




- 15 days

- 2,500 CHF


Theory / Demonstration / Practice


- Colorimetry, face morphology

- Know the essential basics of makeup and its different techniques

- Study of colors to play with hues

- Work on structures and volumes to enhance a face

- Initiation to eyelash enhancement

- Make professional and creative make-ups based on trends
of the moment in the field of fashion

- Facial modeling and great illusions

- Learn aquacolor gradients

- Work on the precision of the lines and play with the colors

- Artistic research for independent work

- Face transformation work


Certificate at the end of your training







- 21 days 

- 3'000 CHF

- Monday July 5, 2021 - Friday July 23, 2021 from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Week 1 :

- Theory and explanation of products and brushes

- Beauty makeup 2 colors

- Beauty makeup cut crease 2 colors

- Makeup 3 colors

- Makeup cut crease 3 colors


Week 2 :

- Smooky and Strobing evening makeup

- Oriental Makeup

- Fashion Candy or colors makeup

- Fashion 80' Makeup

- Fashion Bollywood Makeup


Week 3 :

- Make-up Artistic Africa

- Makeup Artistry Bi-Color

- Makeup Doll

- Make-Up Artistry Earth

- Technical Makeup, student's choice

Certificate at the end of your training



- 2 days / 12h

- 600 CHF

- Date to be determinated on weekdays or weekends


Demonstration and practice

- Learning basic techniques with a sponge and brush

- Discover all the shapes of brushes, the color brands
as well as the different types of rhinestones and sequins.

- Learn to control your brushes

- You will be informed about the hygiene precautions to follow
and the use of the products

- Study of gradients and lines


Certificate at the end of your training



Consult the special FX section


School authorized to operate by the Department of Public Instruction, Culture and Sport, Department of Private Education (DIP - SEP)


EduQua certification
Beneficiary of the annual training check (CAF - OFPC) for each module, financial aid intended to encourage continuous training
Member ASEPIB - SVSK (Swiss association of beauticians)
Commercial register