Objectives of the module Beauty_60h - To know the essential basics of make-up and its different techniques. - Analyze a face and define its shape to make the necessary corrections - Studying colours to play with shades - Work on structures and volumes to put in place value a face - Learning the different make-up techniques


Objectives of the 60h module


Objectives of the Body_painting_80h module - Developing a more artistic vision of the human body - Learn how to use body paint to transform a person in a living painting - Applying make-up techniques to create materials and gradations on the full body


Objectives of the module Artistic_60h - Facial modeling and great illusions - Learning the gradients with aquacolor - Work on line precision and play with colours - Artistic research for self-employment - Face transformation work - Creation of accessories, costumes and photo staging


Objectives of the module Transformation_60h - Study of the face - Study of "hidden brow" techniques. - Study of structures and volumes - Work on make-up techniques for transformation - Work and study of the similarities for the scene, the photos, the movies - Study of costumes and staging


Objectives of the module Fashion_60h - To carry out professional and creative make-up based on current fashion trends - Immerse students in the world of fashion and develop their creativity. - To teach students the techniques and speed to work with professional designers or stylists. - Make a mask for a split makeupObjectives of the Transformation_60h module - Study of the face - Study of "hidden brow" techniques. - Study of structures and volumes - Work on make-up techniques for transformation


Objectives of module FX_I_40h - Learn the basic techniques of Special Effects (scars, burns, impacts of bullets, bites, scratches, wounds, aging, hematomas, etc... ) - Discover and master different products and materials to create the desired effect. - Manufacture, fitting and colouring of false skulls and prostheses


Objectives of module FX_II_40h - Learn the different steps involved in creating of a complete prosthesis, from the taking of the impression to the placement and make-up of the prosthesis. - Complete manufacture of a prosthesis - Understanding and developing a creation personal - Learn many techniques and tricks from a class given by a professional from a large special effects studio - Staging of the character in the form of a short film


Objectives of the module Children_30h - Learning of basic techniques - Learn how to do simple make-up and fast - Study of gradients and lines | 00 41 (0)22 700 79 67 | Genève, Suisse                            © 2016 Pro Makeup School